JU BCL men formed human chain to encourage using foot over bridge

Hasan Tanvir, JU correspondent: A human chain is formed by BCL men on Dhaka-Aricha highway to encourage using foot over bridge on Friday. The programme started from 3:00 pm and continued to 4:00 pm.

Deputy Secretary of International Affairs of BCL JU unit Ismail Hossain said, “There is a foot over bridge on the dairy gate. But people don’t use that usually. An accident can take place any time while passing through the highway. So we arranged this programme to encourage people using foot over bridge.”

“We want safe highway. But we are not ready to abide by the traffic rules. If any accident takes place, we blame the government and block the road. It is not fair. We have to abide by the rules to avoid road accident.” Said Subrata Kumar Saha, joint secretary of BCL JU unit.

Over 100 students and BCL men displayed placard written with sentences on road safety.

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